A TV Smugglers Story-the Movie
San Diego-Brownsville Texas-a Billion Dollar Biz
From 1978 to the Mid 1980s San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas an airlift of commence into Mexico but nothing returned to the US. There was   100s of them: TV Smugglers!

They departed from US International Airports Clearing Customs, filing flight plans to a space not to be traced. All to provide Japanese Home Entertainment to the Mexican People.

This is one Smugglers Story that is:
A true story that the clouds above and the beach by the boats witnessed in a fateful day. Just Married to his beautiful wife, his brother-law on board
and then the one time he flew south in the daylight...

Paul Harvey gave the rest of the story to the Nation the next day: Wrong, AP reported from the Head of Mexican Customs said that the Smuggler was an expert, but forgot to mention what happen over the Gulf,  how many Planes ended up on the beach 85 miles south of the boarder.

The US Embassy stated "no US Laws have been Violated"

He was a veteran and many volunteered to help in the aftermath
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